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About Us

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha 

Welcome to Ananth’s Veda Group. We are in the Washington DC major metro area covering VA, MD and DC territories. We look forward to exchange Vedic Knowledge and the various Hindu Philosophies with everyone. It is a pleasure to have you in Ananth's Veda group. Vedas are the words of the Lord, are “Apauruseya" (not the work of any human author) and are “Anadi” (Eternal). They are a gift by the sages to the world. We now have the great fortune of learning the Vedas which are the very breath of God. Our Pujya Guru Sri Ananth Krishnan has been teaching Veda Mantras & Slokas in DC/MD/VA area for more than 20 years.

Under his guidance AVG Inc., has successfully conducted, and is conducting, events like MahaRudram, Gayatri Homam, Devi Mahotsavam etc. AVG is an opportunity for everyone to learn this knowledge and recite Veda Mantras & Stotras.

Our schedule - Learn veda mantras & slokas [with meanings]

  • Every Wednesday evening for 1 hour at Chantilly - Parayanams like Gita, Sundarakandam, Narayaneeyam etc.
  • Every Sunday morning for 3 hours at Chantilly, VA Recite mantras & slokas
  • Every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 11.30 at SSVT.

“Encourage the teaching and learning of Hindu scriptures”.

For information please contact us -